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Birthdate:Mar 13

Character: Aladdin
Series: Aladdin
Version: Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 with some of the TV series.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Aladdin has a Middle Eastern heritage, so he has tan skin and a Greek nose. He’s very good looking, which is why some girls swoon over him, and has dark brown eyes with thick shaggy black hair. He usually wears Arabian clothes. His usual outfit is a red fez on his head, with purple vest without a shirt on and he wears white billowing pants with a few patches. Usually Aladdin is without any shoes.

Always up for an adventure, Aladdin is clever and willing to do anything for what his heart thinks is right. He’s brave and will put up a good fight when he has to. However, because of that Al has a bit of hero complex. Doing things that he knows benefits him and tries to make sure others think well of him. At least tries to make sure that he doesn’t get in trouble with those he likes, or at least give him the benefit of doubt. You’re only in trouble if you get caught after all. Every once in a while he usually slips up on being suave, but being an awkward teen, it’s somewhat expected however charming he may be. Aladdin is also known to steal and lie from time to time, though usually in good intentions. This is mostly in hopes of benefiting himself, though selfish, he does try to be honest and not doing anything considerably outright wrong.

In most situations Aladdin is brave and not afraid of standing up to others and say what he thinks of them. He is willing to be compassionate in fighting for the right cause. Intelligent and street smart he knows how to get around. The value of friendship and love is very important to Al. He’d risk his life just to save them from any potential danger. Though he can be naïve, if he sees the good in someone, he is willing to give them a chance. For example, Iago was once an enemy, but Aladdin was alright with giving him a chance to redeem himself. Though later the parrot deceived him and almost got him killed. Luckily, Iago did turn the tables on Jafar again and managed to become friends with Al again.

Trying to stay one jump ahead, Aladdin usually uses his brain rather than brawn to get out of the situations. Though he often leaps before thinking, he usually uses his brain the best in the middle of his plan. It usually works out, but if he does slip up, he does try to resort the next best possible idea.

However, Aladdin shares some insecurity about living the life on the streets rather than in a palace with the princess. He never likes showing that he is insecure, and tries to cover it by trying to be confident in his abilities. He has his own doubts on becoming sultan some day after all, and still doesn’t feel like he quite ready for that yet. All his life he feels trapped in the world of those who won’t give him a chance to show that he’s more than just a street rat. Although Aladdin is comfortable with himself at the moment, he still has his doubts when his social relations become difficult.

Aladdin has a scimitar sword. Quick on his feet, Aladdin can use this sword quickly and sharply against his enemies. His abilities are as equivalent to a thief, and can be as swift as one can be. Using the slight of hand trick or quick means of escape, he could also pick a lock as a normal thief could. His scimitar hits are very fast, and he is very agile in battle.

There are various abilities Al has that are shown from the Kingdom Hearts game, such as “Slash Frenzy” which smacks the enemies’ movements with a rapid swarm of attacks. There’s also “Quick Play” that has Aladdin pounce the enemies with his sword. Aladdin also has a special limit attack that he does when teamed up with Sora, it’s called “Trick Fantasy”. This attack has Aladdin hack the enemy around first then join Sora in quick strikes, then finally by having Aladdin push Sora with his keyblade into a mega slash against the enemy.

Physically he’s built like an acrobat, he can do stunts such as long leaps with a pole or dodge another’s attack by sliding or ducking swiftly.

Cunning and brave, he can quickly think of a plan before springing into action. Aladdin is good at teaming up with someone and can always think of something to do in a dangerous situation. He can also manipulate the enemy by tricking their perception.

Although Aladdin can think quickly, there are situations where he can be hesitant. These situations usually involve his friends and especially his fiancé Jasmine. He’s willing to do anything to save them, just to make sure they’re safe. Aladdin also can get into deep trouble when leaping before thinking. It can very well be the wrong decision and he might not be quick enough to get out of the situation fast enough to even think. Going by gut, Al can’t always predict the good decision at the right time. He also can be tempted by his own desires and dreams, that may very well end up distracting him from thinking straight.

Aladdin’s type of intelligence is more of cleverness and street smarts. He’s never really been taught academically, though he does know how to read. Al tries his best to hide this fact though, mostly because he doesn’t want others to know hints of his social upbringing. Al just rather not have anyone try to judge him by that at all.

This boy is also a normal human, like any other and isn’t run by strength, but by will. Though his is in good shape and quick, he can get caught. And when he can get caught, he can’t stop himself from getting injured or worse.

Aladdin started as just another boy in Agrabah. Just for stealing bread the guards would chase him and the ladies swoon over the bad boy. All in the days work for Al. He is still will be kind, and would even give some stolen bread to kids who were starving. Aladdin wanted nothing more than to live in the life of happiness, and felt so trapped in his world as a street rat. He had parents, but his mom died and his father left him, he’s never seen him since was a kid.

One day he met this girl named Jasmine who was in disguise as a peasant, and she falls for Aladdin, as he did for her. However, due to some guards who were ordered to find Aladdin and be sentenced to death, he quickly finds out that Jasmine is the princess. Although, Jasmine wasn’t able to set him free, because Jafar was the one who sent out the orders for thinking that he “kidnapped the princess” when she only ran away.

While trapped in the dungeon, Jafar came to him in disguise and told him about the Cave of Wonders and the magic lamp the grants wishes. When Jafar sent him to get the lamp, he set up a quicksand with heartless for Aladdin to fall into when he got the lamp. So that Jafar can take it once Aladdin was disposed of. After Sora came and helped Aladdin out of the pit, he summoned Genie to get rid of the heartless. After Genie granted Aladdin’s 1st wish, Aladdin got better acquainted with Sora and discussed what he’d like to do with his 2nd wish, which was to become Prince Ali and have Jasmine fall for him. However, the wish was put on hold when Sora informed Aladdin that Jasmine was going to be kidnapped by Jafar. On their way there, Aladdin promised Genie that he would wish him free with his last wish, since he felt that it was only the right thing to do for his new magical friend. As soon as they arrived, they found Jafar had already captured the princess, but Aladdin summons Genie to rescue Jasmine for his 2nd wish. However, Iago managed to steal Aladdin’s lamp and Jafar became the new master of Genie. Jafar manages to escape while sending heartless after them, but Aladdin was determined to get Jasmine back and they immediately went after him.

When they reached the cave of wonders, Jafar revealed the keyhole and tried to destroy the group by using Genie to try and crush them. However, Genie doesn’t really do much damage, and it was mostly Jafar they had to fight. Afterwards, Jafar demanded his last wish was to become an all-powerful genie. Aladdin and Sora fought him off and managed to get hold of his lamp, because now that Jafar was a genie he can be confined back into his lamp.

However, they were quick to discover that Jasmine was kidnapped again, this time but by Riku so he can use her to bring back Kairi. It was too late for them to save Jasmine and they had to escape the cave because it was collapsing around them.

After they reached back to Aladdin’s place, they discussed of what they should do. Aladdin wanted to come with Sora to find Jasmine, but Donald and Goofy said it would be meddling. Even though Genie said Aladdin could use his last wish to bring Jasmine back, Aladdin wished for Genie to become free, keeping his promise to him. Although, he requests that Genie could help find Jasmine with Sora as a favor. Genie gladly accepts and much later Sora saved Jasmine and they were reunited at last. They used their time together and looking at a whole new world with each other as their first date.

After a year of spending time together, Aladdin and Jasmine became engaged. The sultan wants to make Aladdin his Royal Vizier, but he is hesitant to take the job. No sooner he bumps into Sora while trying to catch his monkey Abu from stealing a lamp from a merchant. However, they soon find out from Iago, who wants to leave Jafar and be on Aladdin’s side, that the lamp Abu tried take was Jafar’s. When approaching the merchant again, they were told it would be sold to them if they were to get the priceless treasure from the Cave of Wonders. While they went out of their way, Pete went after the merchant to try and steal the lamp. Soon Genie flew in from vacation, but since Pete saw Sora as a pest trying to take the lamp away from him, he sent the heartless on them.

After they defeated the heartless that Pete summoned, they decided to keep the lamp hidden in the palace. However, when the merchant decided to go into the palace to “borrow” some treasure, he came upon Jafar’s lamp and set him free. Iago wound up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is threatened by Jafar to go trick Aladdin while he goes to take over Agrabah. When Sora comes back to visit Agrabah, he finds out the merchant is now in charge of a shop with incredibly wealthy items. When trying to question him, Aladdin quickly comes in to try and catch the merchant because he found out that he had released Jafar from his lamp, which explained how the merchant became rich. However, the merchant escaped, so they tried to find out from Iago where Jafar is since he was present while Jafar was released from his lamp. This is when Iago lies to them by saying Jafar is the desert ruins.

Once Genie got rid of the sandstorm, Sora and the group went to investigate the ruins in search of Jafar, but they don’t find him. Sora asks Iago if he's sure this is the place, Iago admits that he was demanded by Jafar to lure them away from the palace so he can take over Agrabah. Aladdin and the group became angry and tell Iago that they’re supposed to be friends, and he just been playing both sides to save himself. Iago screams he's sorry, but flies backward into a vase, and it falls to the floor and breaks. It also sets off a mechanism that makes the tower start to collapse, so Aladdin and the rest hurry out before the tower collapses, knocking away the Heartless in the way.

They find the merchant outside who says Jafar told him if he released him, the merchant would be given even better fortune. Also convincing the merchant that Jafar was the true Sultan of Agrabah, imprisoned by villains. The merchant thinks he was under Jafar's spell and that is why he believed him. Sora asks him where exactly all the treasure came from, and found out that it was from a man in a long black coat, one of the organization members. The treasure was a bribe so he wouldn't say anything about Jafar, so that they can destroy Jafar after being turned into a Heartless.

Once they reached the palace, Aladdin and the group find Jafar already taking over by capturing Jasmine again. Jafar makes an attack on Aladdin, but Iago quickly takes the hit for him. Showing he was truly Aladdin’s friend this time.

Jafar then turns into his gigantic genie form, and fights them. They eventually were able to destroy Jafar and his lamp to make sure he was gone. After the battle was over, Genie restored the city and Aladdin thanked Sora for his help. When Iago wanted to know how to be friends with Aladdin, because he can’t do things for him like Genie. Sora explained that friends don’t have to “do” stuff and that hanging out is all that matters. Aladdin was glad he had a friend like Sora and asked him to not forget about him. He also reminded Sora about his friend Riku that he will find him and to not give up.

Iago was then accepted as Aladdin’s new friend and live together with him in Agrabah. Aladdin tells the sultan that he had to decline his offer of becoming a Royal Vizier, and that he wanted to explore the world. He goes on many adventures with his friends after this, defeating new enemies like Mirage, Chaos, Sadira, Mozenrath, and many others. While taking a break from his exciting life, he learned of a place called Paixao that made Aladdin curious to explore. When Aladdin found the portal to this world, he decided to enter it and go on a new adventure.

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